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We are committed to supporting your family as you transition into everyday life in Canada and settle into your new community. Our complimentary services are readily available to help you transition. Please learn more about how we can assist you online by clicking:$ u4 l" D& f2 M7 q3 ?, s5 Y% x

+ w( |+ Z8 E& NSETTLEMENT PROGRAM (https://ecbchurch.org/children/e ... %e6%97%a5%e7%87%9f/)9 i) c7 \* R/ P
/ O( Q# |1 r, P& m7 Z- G
or scan the QR code in the poster.- f- o' I% s2 v. x7 ?6 F' }6 {
6 Y- K1 m* N8 r) [8 k
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新来宾日营 https://ecbchurch.org/children/e ... %e6%97%a5%e7%87%9f/& o- k: a) [, u) M( s- f
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Newcomers’ Settlement Program for the entire family8 O0 _7 D; u5 S3 X' l4 P
' n0 H! s" T& y# S! b
Settling in a new country can be an exciting but challenging experience. We are delighted to welcome you to our community and offer a welcome package to those new to Canada. Whether you are a new immigrant or a refugee, we help you transition smoothly into everyday life and adjust to your new community. Our team is here to support you every step of the way as you settle into your new home. Our complimentary services are tailored for new arrivals in Canada within the last 12 months. Each case will be considered individually to support your integration into Canadian life best.
9 i, c0 P: E/ m0 o
/ j/ i5 `: S; F" y/ ?0 X% p& E新移民服務6月10日至8月9日
$ q/ C7 E7 q: p1 @! m9 C% V* K' u% C2 E& r( f
在一個新的國家定居,令人興奮雀躍,但卻充滿挑戰。我們很歡迎您來到我們的社區,並樂意提供服務。無論您是新移民還是難民,我們都願意幫助您過渡適應期。我們的免費服務專為過去 12 個月內新抵達加拿大的人士定制。每個案例都會被專業處理,以最適切的配套幫助您融入加拿大生活。
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 楼主| 发表于 2024-6-13 08:41 | 显示全部楼层
老杨团队 追求完美
Settlement Assistance for Adults/ Parents from June 10 to August 9
7 k- |( O" v1 Z9 W& C4 c3 ?! U) }0 @7 L+ [5 u7 T
We provide free assistance and events to enhance language skills, cultural understanding, and adaptation to the Canadian way of life. We can help with Job Search, Housing, Healthcare and Canada’s education system. We welcome you to call us at the office (780-426-0891) or visit us at 11112 109 Ave any day during office hours (9:30-4:30). In addition, parents are encouraged to join the one-week settlement day camp (see below) for orientation to Canadian living!
( l+ q2 x2 l# t7 j  t2 j: ]8 q6 |+ L/ X
By actively engaging in our programs and services, you and your family can enhance your transition experience, acquire new skills, build relationships, and thrive in your new home country. We hope you feel welcomed, supported, and well-informed to smoothly into your new environment. We look forward to helping you navigate this exciting new chapter in your life.
2 G3 G' H9 E6 P  M5 m5 @3 K' h* F5 w
新移民諮詢服務 6 月 10 日至 8 月 9 日
1 |$ n8 s8 l% b7 Z( z+ j/ K6 c. y
, [4 v, e2 K' l服務期間提供的免費援助,幫助您順利融入加拿大社會。我們提供資源來提高語言技能、文化理解和適應加拿大生活方式,例如求職、住房、醫療保健和加拿大的教育系統。我們歡迎您致電我們的辦公室(780-426-0891)或在辦公時間內到 11112-109 Ave 來訪。我們更加誠意邀請你,同步參與在兒童日營(下列)期間舉辦的資訊講座。# w5 k; e2 z; G7 L5 N' R
! I( f; a% H4 [+ n$ p8 d
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 楼主| 发表于 2024-6-13 08:41 | 显示全部楼层
Settlement Day Camp for Children from July 15 to 19 from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM  f( E  z0 T2 R
- S  ~/ _( L6 |2 o) q* T8 p
During the program, we offer newcomers’ children a day camp packed with various activities to make new friends, learn new skills, and have fun. In these five days, participants will benefit from the following:6 e. V& m; }- `# u" Q: m

/ C. m4 `7 B$ A& g5 g, \Hester Chan, a seasoned educator from Hong Kong and Canada, leads ELL (English Language Learning) classes.
) \2 {7 @0 B4 ]# W2 O1 ]Stress Management sessions conducted by Pastor Hanna Ng.
2 ^5 b( [& n8 M4 ]( m- n; |! h1 yPickleball with Joseph Li.
% {0 F* ?* D) J7 }1 A+ X7 ?3 J) bTaekwondo with Au Yang.1 d3 e9 _3 D  V
Canadian Cooking sessions with Alice Ma./ Z+ ]7 I1 K% A8 Y/ X
Instruction in reading, writing, and conversation with Lydia Nie3 v/ K  }9 j& z
Daily Field Trips will be around the city to explore local attractions, understand the community, and build connections with other families in the program. On the last day, Grace will take the children to explore the artistic parts of Edmonton.
/ I- V9 |# l  K5 ]! w( `# ?Due to space constraints, enrollment will be conducted on a first-come, first-served basis.
6 {2 T/ l7 R( l& K/ F, C& H  S) O0 H+ d
If interested, please click SETTLEMENT.8 w. Z/ l0 b: ~
2 Y2 G/ ]* J; d% s
兒童日營 7 月 15 日至 19 日上午 9:30 至下午 4:309 J- }$ S: g3 i: N: R2 F
' T1 V( u5 d3 m; I- @$ ?; z
在這計畫期間,我們為新移民的孩子們提供了一個充滿各種活動的日間活動,以結交新朋友、學習新技能、共享樂趣。在這五天裡,參與者將受益如下:2 D; j) R' [1 f! K, P1 t: Q# E
' t% h3 s: F6 q) S
Hester Chan 是一位來自香港和加拿大的經驗豐富的教育家,負責 ELL(英語語言學習)課程的教學。3 }" J; j% t) ~5 E- h5 V
吳楊芳芳傳道主持的壓力管理課程。7 _) Y+ P4 v  h
與 Joseph Li 打Pickleball。
* H" d8 o* _! |& @- @與歐陽一起跆拳道。
' o% o) s5 ^4 W+ Q. e* l2 ~" f與 Alice Ma 一起參加加拿大烹飪課程。
2 f5 G9 k+ Y7 @. b' YLydia Nie 指導閱讀、寫作和英語會話+ b( \$ S4 f4 B9 J! a- v
每日實地考察城市周圍的景點、了解社區並與計劃中的其他家庭建立聯繫。最後一天,Grace 將帶孩子們探索埃德蒙頓的藝術天地。, {* F( a0 c; }# E
每日實地考察城市周圍的景點、了解社區並與計劃中的其他家庭建立聯繫。最後一天,Grace 將帶孩子們探索埃德蒙頓的藝術天地。
9 x, j4 ~& C  `( s  W* b; ^8 {# U
因場地有限,我們將會採取先到先得方案。/ j! l. r" a4 f+ t  c) i
/ A9 z. V% m  R
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 楼主| 发表于 2024-6-13 08:42 | 显示全部楼层
If interested, please click https://docs.google.com/forms/d/ ... gpA2-b88aw/viewform! i  B* l: P+ V2 a0 G
4 w4 [9 h$ r" `. j" y9 l
3 n' t1 i, F# ], Q* X5 k6 r
如欲報名,請按此連結 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/ ... gpA2-b88aw/viewform' I+ X4 l4 ?) k  z; B6 U
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 楼主| 发表于 2024-6-13 08:43 | 显示全部楼层

' J8 O. [8 ?( V9 kIf interested, please click https://docs.google.com/forms/d/ ... gpA2-b88aw/viewform
4 o  _$ d& }3 C4 B7 j& k* H% ~
, t+ ]$ K) T+ Q) f+ b. @2 ~) k& f4 H/ T) g* @/ l

& g7 K& D' w+ J0 m4 o如欲報名,請按此連結 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/ ... gpA2-b88aw/viewform
. U  \: Q6 f5 N: s8 Z: E6 D5 m6 p2 V3 s5 l; s
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